Dialing the Power of Mobile


Mobile Intelligence has made its way onto the Business Intelligence scene and the breakthrough has experts and business users alike assessing its place in today’s world.

As nearly 70% of enterprises see mobile BI as critically important (up 16% from 2010), the perceived value of mobile in the workplace is undeniable.

According to Gartner predictions, Mobile will be the most disruptive functionality for BI in this year. The good thing is, disruption can be positive…

As we’re coming to find, mobile BI lends itself exceedingly well to uncovering analytics, customer responsiveness, and operational efficiencies in real-time. As a result, more enterprises continue to pursue new applications and devices that provide a mobile element.

Better still, the increased use of mobile devices is positively contributing to the growth in IT and business collaboration within the context of BI. By virtue of monitoring innovation in the mobile space, enterprises will become more successful in sharing business data in the upcoming years.

Gartner envisions that more than 30% of all BI functionality will be pulled onto by hand-held devices within the next two years alone.

Grab your hand-held and read on…it’s time to get dialed.