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Education + Government

Simply put, Education + Government require a methodical approach that varies from other verticals. Denovo brings deep experience and strategy to the unique requirements of the Public sector.


By focusing on lowering costs, transparency, and open-source technologies, your organization will adapt critical information to existing technologies and processes in order to monitor, analyze, and report performance measures previously unable to.

Since there is no single, monolithic success indicator for Government, we focus on mission success and performance measures such as Return on Time, stakeholder empowerment, policy, and public welfare. All the while, we bare in mind the accuracy, security, timeliness, and accountability your organization requires.

As agencies are required to report on their IT investments through the use of dashboards and other automated processes, we simplify the process ensuring data quality and imposing standards that maximize agility without vendor lock-in.

Our goal is to empower employees in the public sector to make decisions quickly and effectively. By leveraging experience and best practices, your employees will be empowered with reporting tools that are powerful, transparent, and easy-to-use.