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Energy + Utilities

Energy + Utility companies face an exorbinant amount of data that have historically been captured in disparate legacy systems.

Denovo allows Energy companies to recoup and benefit from existing technology investments and proprietary systems by providing a comprehensive view of current data and allowing the consumption of that data through mobility, demand planning, and inventory offerings.


With Denovo, Energy companies soon experience:

  • Strategic mitigation of lifting costs
  • Identification of most profitable reserves
  • Increased awareness and action taken on Health, Safety, and Environmental aspects of business
  • Heightened Quality Assurance
  • Generation/Automation of Government Safety Reports
  • Tracking compliance
  • Significant reduction in work-related accidents and death-related injuries
  • Reduction in lost time and NPT per injury
  • Reduction in law suits, insurance, and legal fees
  • Reduction in costs associated with replacement and training
  • Ability to track and gauge light, serious, major, and catastrophic incidents
  • Drill down to particular injuries and incidents
  • Draw correlations between training and resulting injuries
  • Cross-match injuries with weather conditions and type of facilities
  • Identify and visualize methods of prevention
  • Greatly reduce the likelihood of occurrence

Take advantage of your current data in a centralized, easily accessible manner to optimize operations and processes.