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  • What is business intelligence?

    Business Intelligence or BI refers to techniques used in identifying, extracting and analyzing business data to provide historical, current and even predictive views of your businesses operations. In this way, BI is often viewed as a supplement for better business decision-making. Common functions of BI technology include reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), analytics, data mining/processing, benchmarking, and more.

  • What is ETL?

    ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load and is a process in database usage, particularly for data warehousing. Extract deals with extracting data from outside sources. Transform relates to transforming that data to fit operational needs. Finally, Load is the process of loading the data into the end target database or warehouse.

  • What is online transaction processing (OLTP)?

    Online transaction processing or OLTP is a set of systems that manage and facilitate transaction-based applications, primarily for data entry and retrieval. This methodology provides end users access to large amounts of data in a quick and intuitive manner that assists with forming business insights and decisions.

  • What is online analytical processing (OLAP)?

    Online analytical processing or OLAP is an approach to swiftly answer multi-dimensional analytical queries. In essence, OLAP tools allow users to analyze multidimensional data from various perspectives in an interactive setting. The three basic analytical operations of OLAP include: drill-down, roll-up (consolidation), and slicing and dicing.

  • What kind of mobile solutions can you provide?

    Our mobile solutions span web accessible dashboards to iPad and iPhone applications. We are able to cater to all of your mobile needs to give you a solution that gives you a real-time perspective of your business.