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Financial Services

The ability to turn financial data into information provides a significant advantage for today’s financial organizations.

At Denovo, we utilize time-tested results to access data from a wide variety of systems and integrate it in ways that will provide meaningful answers to your most complex business questions. As a result, your business will develop compelling Business Intelligence and Performance Management solutions that will provide a strong awareness and management of your current and future economic position while meeting critical regulatory compliances.

We leverage best of breed solutions to explore financial data in depth and model it in the way you need through a centralized source.  The result is that your business users spend less time mining data and more time acting on what the data says, enabling them to achieve lofty goals and projections.

By providing dashboards from multiple systems, business users achieve an integrated visual of the entire business; not only financial metrics but also information on customers, employees, deliveries, quality, health and safety issues. By tying in multiple corporate IT systems, spreadsheets, emails and pdfs, you’ll achieve one unified version of the truth.

Financial services companies that leverage Denovo experience increased revenue, reduced costs, and increasing compliance with industry regulations. With a growing ability to understand consumer needs, track trends, identify profitable areas, and prevent fraud, your business will also experience :

  • The ability to identify your most profitable customers
  • Significant improvement in cross-selling capabilities
  • Growing adherence to regulatory reporting requirements
  • Significant reduction of risky customers and potential losses

Using our expertise in BI, your business will be able to improve performance and make informed decisions that lead to long term success.