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Seamless Integration within your Organization.

Whether your organization is in need of guidance and implementation for Data Architecture, Data Modeling, ETL Processes, BI Implementation, or the full gamut, we can help achieve success.

  • Data Architecture

Data Architecture is the standard that is set for data systems as part of a larger vision of the eventual interactions between those data systems, describing how data is processed, stored, and utilized within a system. A strong Data architecture will provide descriptions for data that is both stored and in motion, making it possible to design data flows and also control the flow of data within the system.

  • Data Modeling

Data Modeling is the formalization and documentation of current processes that occur during the application design and development process. With the right tools and a well-thought out data modeling technique, complex system designs can be turned into straight-forward representations of data flows. As a result, you have a clear flowchart that illustrates the current and future relationships between data.

By leveraging multiple models to view your data (conceptual, enterprise, logical, physical), Denovo ensures that all processes, entities, relationships, and data flows have been identified and that all data incongruencies are fixed well before any programming code has been written.

  • ETL 

ETL is the Extraction, Transformation, and Loading of data into one (or  more) data warehouse projects. At Denovo, we work with you to plan, implement, and document this process insomuch as it supports an overarching BI solution. By properly sourcing the data, source mapping to the target location, performing transformations and data cleanses, controlling data flows, and logging all necessary transactions, we’ll make sure this aspect of your project is well-managed and in good hands.

  • Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence Implementations can be a complex undertaking, often involving Data Architecture, Enterprise Reporting, Design/UX, Dashboard/Scorecard, and Mobile components. Denovo helps organizations to create a framework for organizing their data, as well as information management and technology. Once this ground-work is in place, we work with you to identify the data sources that corporate executives and other key users will need to access to meet their business requirements. In this source selection process, we account for factors, like data currency, data quality, and the level of detail within the data. By pulling data from internal and external sources, and using both structured and unstructured data, we can ensure a complete view of the undertaking.

We then use information management architectural components to transform raw transaction-level data into a consistent set of information that is ready for BI. Through a series of strategy sessions, we can sculpt the exact BI components that will be of most value to your organization and the format that they should be provided be in. From there, we can incorporate reporting, ad hoc query, data mining, and data visualization tools, in addition to dashboards, scorecards, and mobile technology.